Coming soon some details and photos from my three trips on the Oyster 485 Yacht "Skyline" two trips on the West Coast of Scotland and the latest epic trip from the East Coast of Scotland to Norway then back to the West Coast of Scotland.

Skyline Loch Riddon

 Skyline at anchor in Loch Riddon (Ruel)

In the meantime you can see some photos from my trips (more still being processed) in my Flickr Albums - See links below.

Trip 1 - September 2020 - Largs, Firth of Clyde, Kyles of Bute including an encounter with Northern Bottlenose Whales and several submarines (including one of the USA's most deadly hunter killer subs) - Trip unfortunately cut short as Scotland went into COVID lockdown

View from our anchorage in Loch Riddon

View from the deck of Skyline at anchor in Loch Riddon (Ruel)

Link to more photos from Trip 1 - In September 2020 (Flickr Gallery)


Trip 2 - June to August 2021 - 600+ miles sailed (plus 2 kayaks carried for exploring), 50+ days on board - From Ardfern around the Inner and Outer Hebrides and The Small Isles and returning to Ardfern. Many dolphins, seals, Minke whales, eagles and other birds.

Dolphin Leaping in Senna Bay

Dolphin leaping in Sanna Bay near Ardnamurchan Point

Sunset at the entrance to Loch Teacius with Dolphin surfacing on right hand side

The entrance to Loch Teacuis at sunset with a dolphin surfacing in the foreground to the right

White Tailed Eagle Kerrera 1024pxA White Tailed Eagle flying over the Isle of Kerrera near Oban


Link to more photos from Trip 2 - from June to August 2021 (Flickr Gallery)


Trip 3 - March to May 2023 50 days on board 1,400 miles sailed. Queen's Ferry Edinburgh on the East Coast of Scotland direct to Stavanger Norway, cruising Norway, then via Fair Isle and Orkney and around Cape Wrath finishing in Oban on the West Coat of Scotland.


Skyline in Stavanger 1024pxSkyline in Stavanger, our first port of call in Norway


Norheimsund-Norway-1024pxNorheimsund along the Hardanger Fjord in Norway

A Puffin gatthering nesting material on Fair Isle 1024px

A Puffin gathering nesting material on Fair Isle the most remote inhabited island in the UK and our first landfall after leaving Norway

Link to more photos from Trip 3 - from March to May 2023 (Flickr Gallery)

I still have many more photos (literally thousands!) to process from these sailing trips so the galleries will continue to grow over time,