Small sample of my photographs

Mostly taken with Micro Four Thirds sensor cameras (MFT/M43) and reduced in size/resolution for display on the web


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All photographs are copyright nbroadsman - Please do not copy or publish without my permission

Dolphin leaping in Sanna Bay Ardnamurchan

Dolphin leaping in Sanna Bay, Ardnamurchan, Scotland - Canon 5DsR Sigma 150-600mm C (cropped from long distance)

Blue Tit singing in North NorfolkBlue-Tit - Panasonic G9 100-400mm

Stratos Kayak BrancasterDagger Stratos Kayak Brancaster - Panasonic G80 (G85) 100-400mm

RAF Typhoon Jet low over NorfolkRAF Eurofighter Typhoon - Panasonic G9 100-400mm

RAF A400 Atlas over the sea near Mallaig 1024pxRAF A400 Atlas - Canon 5DsR Sigma 150-600mm C

Swallows SquabbleSwallows squabble - Panasonic G9 100-400mm

Pheasant in the flowerbedPheasant in the flowers - Panasonic G9 100-400mm

AH64 Apache Attack Helicopter low over NorfolkAH64 Apache Attack Helicopter - Panasonic G9 100-400mm

Busy Bee MacroBusy Bee - Panasonic G80 (G85) 14-140mm

Heron in flight over North NorfolkHeron in flight - Panasonic G9 100-400mm

Arisiag Sunset G6 P1000753 1024pxArisaig sunset looking towards Eigg and Rum - Panasonic G6 14-140mm

Fladda Island LighthouseFladda Island Lighthouse - Panasonic G6 14-140mm

Dawn on Hickling BroadMisty dawn on Hickling Broad - A humble 2003 4 megapixel Canon Ixus 400 point and shoot compact camera


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