A synchronised edge turn in Seabird Scott composite sea kayaks (Slow motion).

Sea Palling Norfolk January 2017.


A white Seabird Scott LV and a yellow Seabird Scott MV

Using a traditional wooden Greenland Paddle (Thanks Mike!) in the Seabird Scott MV

(and NO, the kayaks didn't actually touch each other!)

Filmed by Mike on a GoPro Session

The Seabird Scott is a composite sea kayak available in three sizes to fit most paddler sizes/weights

Seabird Scott LV (Low Volume)

Length: 16’4″ Beam: 21″ Paddler Weight: 50-75kg

Seabird Scott MV (Medium Volume)

Length: 17′ Beam: 22″ Paddler Weight: 70-90kg

Seabird Scott HV (High Volume)

Length: 17’10” Beam: 23″ Paddler Weight: 80-115kg

Capsizing and recovering in the surf (Twice!)