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Welcome to my own small piece of cyberspace. I was prompted to purchase my own domain name and a "proper" hosting service after my original Broadband ISP changed  the "free" web space allocated to me with my Broadband account for a slow loading, banner advert laden, offering which destroyed all of my existing web pages and severely restricted the number and format of pages I could load.  Instead of that I now have a hosted service with more comprehensive facilities, more control AND my own domain names. 
The rather eclectic content of this website will be gradually developed allowing me to experiment with various web site technologies from simple HTML and CSS through Content Managment Systems (CMS) like Joomla, Drupal , WordPress and Concrete5 to PHP, Perl, CGI, MySQL databases, mail servers and many other features which are all included in my hosted service package.
Hopefully the content may also be of interest to some people along the way and will include some of my favourite topics e.g.  Canoeing and Kayaking, Sailing (Around Hebrides and the coast of Britain and on the Norfolk Broads), Bushcraft (all hail the great Ray Mears!) and hopefully some reviews of that shiny new kit I keep buying and of course a little bit of IT and computing.
Initially the main content consists of a selection of canoe and kayak reviews, an overview of my sailing trip around the Hebrides then via Ireland, The Isles of Scilly and the South Coast to Lowestoft, Arduino electronic device experiments and some details of my experiments with air rifle tuning to increase accuracy and smoothness.  I am also hoping to find time to start writing up reviews of the bushcraft/camping gear I keep accumulating - so please take a look at some of the other pages via the navigation menu and don't miss the Favourite Links and Voucher Codes page which will sometimes feature special money saving offers.
All views expressed on this website are strictly based on my own personal opinions, experiences and preferences and are not intended as advice, guidance or guaranteed recommendations.  Your opinion, experiences and preference may vary so make of them what you will and follow your own personal judgement.

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