Dagger Katana kayak review

We have tested the Dagger Katana 9.7 "Cross Over" kayak on the Norfolk Broads, Coniston Water in the Lake District (in a Force 6 gusting 7), Scottish Sea Lochs and on the North Norfolk Coast.  It is a great, versatile, kayak and with the "River" specification Dagger Contour Ergo outfitting very comfortable too.

As a  "Cross Over" kayak it is basically a multi-purpose do everything kayak capable of being paddled on both white water/rapids and on flat/calm waters and even light coastal/estuary cruising and surfing.  The rear bulkhead with hatch and good size storage compartment allows you to take a picnic with you or camping gear for a multi day trip.  The drop down skeg (fin) helps to keep the boat tracking in a straight line when cruising on the flat but with it retracted the rockered (curved) hull shape makes it very manoeuvrable on white water up to grade 3 or 4 if you have the capability.  The high volume, soft chines and comforting stability also make it a forgiving boat for beginners on white water.  The Katana comes in two sizes the 9.7 (feet) and the 10.4 (feet) to cater for a large range of paddler weights.


katana river lime

Dagger Katana 9.7 Specifications

Length: 9' 7" / 292 cm  Width: 25.75" / 65cm
Boat Weight: 50lbs. / 23kg  Deck Height: 13.5" / 34cm
Cockpit Length: 35.5" / 90cm  Cockpit Width: 20" / 51cm
Volume: 79 gal / 299 L   Paddler Weight: 100 - 210lbs. / 45 - 95kg


Dagger Katana 10.4 Specifications

Length: 10' 4" / 315cm  Width: 27.25" / 69 cm
Boat Weight: 56lbs. / 25kg  Deck Height: 15" / 38 cm
Cockpit Length: 37" / 94cm  Cockpit Width: 20.5" / 52 cm
Volume: 104 gal / 393 L  Paddler Weight: 155 - 285 lbs. / 70 - 129 kg


Dagger Kayaks promotional video below gives you an overview of the Katana and it's capabilities