Some of the Bikes I have owned

Aprilia Falco SL1000

Top Speed 165mph 0-60mph c. 2.6 seconds Standing 1/4 mile 10.8 secs @ 132mph

The fantastic Aprila Falco SL1000 (Super Light) a lovely Italian 1,000cc V-Twin - My favourite amongst the bikes I have owned. Great sound, great colour, great to ride with low down, wheelie inducing, V-Twin grunt but still capable of revving to 10,000rpm and making the rest of the World appear to go into reverse.  Regret selling it especially as they seem to be appreciating in value now.

I can't help tinkering so:

I fitted this with Scorpion Exhausts to release a little more power and make a much nicer sound and reduce weight slightly.

Fitted the rear Ohlins shock absorber and dog bone link from the Aprilia Mille RSVR - which made the handling absolutely perfect.

Fitted a BBPerformance chip (from Germany) to reprogram the ECU to release more power & torque and also remove the dip in torque around 4,000rpm of the standard bike plus a K&N air filter to allow it to breathe more easily.

BBPerfomance chip could be switched between Road & Track settings to release more power with the exhaust baffles removed.

This bike had a fantastic digital dashboard incorporating lap timers, max speed memory, settable rev/gear change warning light, etc.


Aprilia Falco SL1000

Aprilia Falco SL1000

Aprilia Falco SL1000

Aprilia Falco SL1000

Aprilia Falco SL1000 Poster

Aprilia Falco promotional video - Thewheelies (at 1:50, 2:07, 2:15, 3:25) capture the essence of the Falco



My BMW K100RS - 1,000cc Four Cylinder - Shaft Drive

Top Speed 140mph Standing 1/4 mile 12.5 seconds @ 107mph

Unsurprisingly the K100RS had a completely different character from the Falco (which I owned at the same time) with a more comfortable touring sitting position and the screen with adjustable aero flap remarkably effective at keeping the wind off but it was heavy and couldn't touch the Falco performance wise.  For precisely these reasons it was satisfying to ride quickly as it was much more of a challenge!  Would still see off most Super Cars in a 0-60mph drag though at sub 4 seconds and a top speed around 140mph.Well documented annoying high frequency vibration felt through the bars and the footrests was the main bugbear although I enjoyed riding it but more in the way of a "vintage" bike.  The V-Twin engine of the Falco was actually much better balanced than this 4 cylinder. Would I buy another? No - ambition achieved no need to re-visit.



My Honda VFR 750 V-Four


Top Speed 152mph Standing 1/4 Mile  11.6seconds @ 115mph

An excellent all rounder capable of touring, back lane scratching, commuting, you name it.  Handles well straight out of the box.

Smooth V4 engine with a distinctive sound, expensive gear driven cams and renowed reliability that can run to very high mileages the VFR was a gem of a bike.  Not as light, fast or powerful as the Falco but faster, smoother and better handling than the BMW K100RS. I would definitely consider another VFR.



 Racing at Snetterton in the 500cc Production Class on my Honda 492 Four Production Race Special

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