Tiderace Xceed Sea Kayak


 P&H Volan 160 Sea Kayak


NDK Romany "Surf" Sea Kayak

(Wanted as of September 2023)

If anyone has a, not too expensive, Tiderace Xceed (Standard size), P&H Volan 160 or NDK/SKUK Romany "Surf"  fibreglass sea kayak for sale preferably somewhere within easy reach of North Norfolk, UK, I would be very interested in buying it so please contact me via the "Contact Us" section under the Miscellaneous Menu item..

Absolutely any condition, even holed, considered as long as the condition is reflected in the price.

Also if anyone in North Norfolk UK has any of these three kayaks and would be prepared to allow me to sit in them and go for a little test paddle to see how they feel I would be very grateful.

Please contact me via the "Contact Us" form under the "Miscellaneous" menu item on this web site

Tiderace Xceed sea kayak

TideRace Xceed  Sea Kayak Wanted


P&H Volan 160 sea kayak

 P&H Volan 160 sea kayak 1024px


NDK Romany "Surf" sea kayak

Romany Surf sea kayak Orange 1024px