Perception Scooter

General purpose Sit On Top Kayak


Length  2.95m  Beam  75cm Weight 20kg  Capacity150kg

 Speed - GPS test yet to be carried out but est. circa 2.8mph comfortable cruise

 This a great little versatile Sit On Top Kayak.  Very, very stable, turns on a sixpence, fairly light.  You won't break any speed records with it on the flat due to the short length (after about 2.5 mph  you start putting a lot of effort into building up a big bow wave rather than gaining much more speed) but if you can only have one Sit On Top and want a general purpose one that will do practically anything then this is the one, river, mild white water, lake, touring (albeit relatively leisurely), playing in the surf (fit thigh straps to give you more control) - I tend to leave thigh straps fitted to all my Sit On Tops as you don't have to actually use them if you don't want to but they do connect you better to the kayak even on flat water. The MKI version has flatter top sides which make it easier to mount things like rod rests etc if you are interested in fishing and also has a slighty larger rear storage area than the current MKII version which has more rounded top deck profiles for a more streamlined cosmetic look but may not be the best choice for a fisherman.  The big advantage of Sit On Top kayaks is that they are self draining in the event of a capsize and much easier to get back into while in the water so even novices can quite easily self rescue with no need to learn the "Eskimo roll" or kayak emptying techniques. Nice and light for ease of carrying and getting on the car roof rack.


 Intermediate Paddler Review Update: A great, versatile, stable, do anything all round Sit On Top kayak with good build quality. Not fast but that is purely down to the shorter overall length and true of all Sit On Tops of this length. I have happily paddled the Scooter MKI around both the Norfolk Broads and Cornish Estuaries. Great for stress free fun on the water.  The later MKII models of the Perception Scooter (Now called the Wavesport Scooter) had a revised more rounded hull and deck shape with a flatter (less of a  "V" shape) rockered bow shape which may perform better in surf but be slightly less efficient touring on the flat.  For an alternative all round Sit On Top kayak take a look at the Feelfree Nomad Sport which is very like a much improved Mark I Scooter and has a hull shape which, while still being able to surf, may be slightly more efficient and track better on the flat.




Perception Scooter