(Dagger) Islander Cayman -  Touring Sit On Top

Approx sizes:  Length: 3.75m, Width: 72.5 cm, Depth: 25 cm, Weight: 24 kg
Avg continuous comfortable cruise 3.4mph - sprint 5.6mph
I bought this sit on top for my son as we both liked the look of it's sleek lines with a fine bow entry and cleanly moulded hull very reminiscent of a sea kayak.    The performance turned out to be a real surprise as despite giving away over 75cm in length to the Scupper Pro it was able to match it in cruising speed and even best it by a fraction in a flat out sprint - thanks no doubt to the fine entry and exit lines which ultimately produced a smaller bow wave than the Scupper Pro.  I later found out that Dagger/Islander advertised the Cayman as the fastest sit on top they made - a claim I have no reason to disagree with. It carried me at over 12 stone/170+lb but it's sleek shape meant that children didn't feel swamped by the size of the boat when paddling it solo.  Although it has an upswept bow for climbing waves the hull itself has a fairly flat rocker from bow to stern with a prominent moulded in skeg shape at the stern which maximises waterline length for speed and easy straight line tracking but means it is not the fastest kayak to turn, although by no means difficult, but it wouldn't be my first choice for surfing.
Despite the performance it is a very stable boat so a beginner would have no qualms paddling it. Unusually for a sit on top the Cayman has proper adjustable footrests as well as the moulded in heel rests allowing power from the paddle to be efficiently transferred through the hull.  The Cayman can also be fitted with a rudder (although our isn't - haven't felt the need).  "D" rings fitted to the hull allow optional thigh straps or a padded seat to be fitted (although I find the seat moulding itself is very comfortable for short stints without needing an additional seat.  A large rear tank well with straps provides storage for scuba tanks or a dry bag (my two sons have paddled this tandem when they were smaller with one sitting in the tank well) .  Although no front  hatch is fitted to ours a raised moulding is provided in the bow which could easily be fitted with a hatch cover to provide additional internal storage if required. There is just one large scupper hole in the main cockpit (not under the seat itself so easier to keep your bottom dry) and one in the tank well.  These scuppers are just the right size for a piece of foam swimming noodle to compress into making a cheap and effective scupper plug (Do remember though that if you fit scupper bungs in any Sit-On-Top kayak you will lose the self draining ability so only use them if absolutely necessary).  All in all an excellent, fast, touring Sit On Top kayak.  
Dagger Island Cayman Side View
Dagger Islander Cayman rear view