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Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain

Always brilliant, and with a light hearted comedic spin, the superbly talented Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain have brought some much needed joy into the world with their weekly Corona Virus Isolation Videos.

Their video editor Laura Currie (aka the vocalist, musician and songwriter "Ra") and audio editor Doug Beveridge also deserve a special mention as they have done a fanastic job of producing these videos with the orchestra members scattered around the country/Europe.

They have all given us much needed entertainment and light relief over the last year+ and most of it for free.  In these strange Covid times when performers livelihoods are at risk they need all the support they can get so please consider supporting them by buying or downloading their DVDs and music or subscribing to their pay per view performances or just by making a donation on their web site.. 

If you think the Ukulele isn't a proper musical instrument then think again and listen to what a Ukulele can do when played with real talent. If you always wanted to learn to play an instrument then an inexpensive Ukulele and the lockdown give you the the ideal opportunity! Check out the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain's YouTube channel for more videos and their "play along" sessions and tutorials.

Make sure you listen with a good set of speakers or headphones to get the full benefit of the sound.

To the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, a big thank you, and keep doing what you are doing in your own unique way!

Ukulele Lockdown Series 1 - To keep spirits up during the Covid-19 Lockdown

Ukulele Lockdown Series 2 - To keep spirits up during the Covid-19 Lockdown

Best watched in full screen mode

This is "The Model" from week 5 as a sample


And here is "The Lovecats" from week 12

(Vocals- Laura Currie)


  Check out the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain YouTube channel for other videos - here are a couple of my personal favourites:


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - With some impressive whistling from Jonty

(My absolute personal favourite, if you only watch one of their videos then make it this one!)


 The Devil's Gallop - The theme from Dick Barton Special Agent

(you'll need to dip your fingers in a bucket of ice at the end if you try to play along to this one!)



And how do often you get "The Ride of the Valkyries" and "Silver Machine" together?



Laura Currie (aka "Ra" and on social media @ramusicianuk )

And while you are here why not check out the multi-talented Laura Currie's (aka "Ra") own YouTube channel where she stars as her own one person group (vocalist/orchestra/chorus) and surely deserves far more subscribers and wider recognition.



And "Love Cats" again but this time Laura Currie plays all of the instruments and sings all of the parts herself then skilfully edits it all together!


And this is something rather original!!