For Sale - Genuine Steve Pope tuned Weihrauch HW97K V-Glide .177 Air Rifle


The HW97K V-Glide fitted with both the wood Sporter Stock and the Synthetic Thumbhole stockThe photos above show the actual rifle.  The top photo with the very nice Beech Wood Sporter stock fitted the bottom photo with the optional black synthetic Thumbhole stock.

Please note the photos show the optional Konceptus silencer fitted to the end of the built in expansion chamber/silencer.  This is NOT included in the sale price but could be included by negotiation.  Also note the Telescopic sight is NOT included but I may also be able to supply a scope by negotiation if required.

A Genuine Steve Pope (of Venom/V-Mach fame) V-Glide tuned Weihrauch HW97K underlever spring powered air rifle in .177 calibre - The calibre favoured by competition shooters.  This rifle would be ideal for HFT competitions as Steve Pope tuned rifles have won many championships.  Unfortunately a collectors item now that the legendary Steve Pope is sadly no longer with us.  This has the Full V-Glide (Not V-Mach) tuning with Steve Pope's custom made compression tube (In black and with the laser etched V-Glide logo on it) with synthetic bearings, piston with synthetic bearings, custom spring, custom spring guides and custom piston seal for faster smoother lock time and consistency.  It is also fitted with one of Steve Pope's V-Mach re-settable safety catches.  I bought the rifle brand new and then had Steve make the tuned parts for me (having to wait several months for it due to the great demand for his world famous work - I also had the great pleasure and privilege of speaking several times to the man himself both before and during the work and I thank him for his patience and knowledge, a great loss to the air rifle world and I found him to be a very nice man). The HW97K is fitted with the renowned adjustable 2 stage competition grade Rekord match trigger.

Due to having too many other rifles (hence the sale of most of my collection) It has barely been used since being tuned and probably still isn't even fully run in yet as Steve's piston seals are harder than the factory fitted seals. The rifle now has a very fast action and is very accurate. The Steve Pope tuning work alone cost more than half the price of a brand new HW97K.

The purchaser can have the choice of either the Weihrauch black synthetic thumbhole stock or a Weihrauch Beech Wood Sporter stock (and which ever stock the buyer selects they can have the other stock for just £50 if they wish).  The gun and stocks are all in pretty much mint condition and it still has the original Weihrauch Box with it. I also have a Konceptus silencer which screws onto the end of the built in expansion chamber which can be included by negotiation if required.

Only selling as I need to reduce my excessive collection of rifles to help fund my photography and kayak habit and I had to think very long and hard (agonise would be a better word) about selling this lovely rifle!


Strictly for collection only from the Northern Norfolk Broads area of North Norfolk UK

Please contact me via the "Contact Us" form under the Miscellaneous menu item if you have any questions or wish to arrange a viewing.

Treat yourself to a superb rifle,and a piece of air rifle history (and potentially an appreciating asset as a collectors item)

For Only £595 o.v.n.o

Just a bit of fun and at only 10 metres range but click below for a short video I made of me completing a fun challenge set by a friend of mine - shooting the head off a match stick with the matchstick facing me head on.  The HW97K V-Glide features from the 2 minute mark in the video delivering a perfect shot.

 Best viewed in full screen mode

 HW97K Matchstick Shot embeddedWhen I retrieved the pellets from the bluetack shown in the matchstick challenge video I found the pellet from the HW97K V-Glide shot had the remains of the matchstick embedded dead centre - A perfect shot!