Bushcraft articles and equipment review

I am certainly not a bushcraft expert but I love the idea of living simply in harmony with nature using practical skills and natural resources in the manner so idyllically portrayed by Ray Mears.  Fortunately my main hobbies of sailing and canoeing/kayaking lend themselves well to trying out some of these skills (if only in a minor way).

Unfortunately, despite my desire for natural simplicity, I also find all the lovely shiny bushcraft/survival gear which is so readily available irresistible so to salve my conscience a little I will try to at least post some small reviews of some of my equipment which may be of use to others.

The following is an initial list of equipment I intend to review and each item will be added to the menu link when the review has been written (it may take some time for me to complete them so it may be a while before the links  become active).

  1. Trangia 25 spirit stove in both Non-Stick and Duossal versions plus the gas conversion unit
  2. Tatonka and Zebra Stainless Steel billy cans (or kettles as Tatonka call them)
  3. Tatonka Spirit Burner & Stand
  4. Trangia Swedish Army stove (stainless steel lined version)
  5. S-2 Clikstand spirit stove burner stand
  6. Ghillie Kettle 1.0ltr
  7. DD Hammocks Scout and Travel Hammocks and Tarp 1
  8. Crusader Cup / Cooker Unit and Crusader Mess Tin
  9. Quo free Digital Mapping Software as used by England & Wales Mountain Rescue - You can try it yourself by clicking on the link below