Arduino Controlled by Android App Via Bluetooth

First attempt at a basic Android App controlling an Arduino via Bluetooth radio. I wrote the Android App using the MIT App Inventor. Arduino code was written in C++ using the standard Arduino IDE.

In this case the App first pairs the mobile device with the Bluetooth module connected to the Arduino then sends wireless control codes to the Arduino to switch on or off 4 individual LED lights.  The lights are just an example to illustrate the remote control.  They could be replaced by anything you wanted to control remotely and they could be proportional controls, e.g. a variable speed control, rather than just on/off.


Android Bluetooth


This video shows it in operation.

   Quadcopter Drone Project coming shortly!

Featuring a Flysky FS-TH9x RC system DIY modified/hacked with FrSky upgraded Transmitter/Receiver Module (channel hopping to avoid interference) with onboard Telemetry display, modifications to Atmel chip/PCB inc. addition of a neat external port to allow reflashing of Firmware with upgraded OpenTX system, LCD display backlight also controlled by Atmel chip and home built drone with optional extras inc. GPS module for automatic waypoint following, loiter facility, return to home, automatic landing , ultrasonic sensor to give accurate low altitude height readings (to supplement the barometric altimeter) when coming in for an automatic landing, Carbon Fibre active servo stabilisedCamera Gimbal system, etc.

Buying Components

I have found the cheapest way of buying components is to source them from reputable suppliers direct from china. Buying direct the components are incredibly inexpensive and usually offered with free postage. You may have to wait anything from a week to a month for them to be delivered but often the total price including delivery is less than the cost of delivery alone for locally sourced components and this has enabled me to buy and build things I wouldn't otherwise have been able to afford to do.

The suppliers I have used most often are: logo supplier of electronic components inc. Arduino